How long does it take PureLeef’s body plumping cream to work?
Results vary. If used consistently with good diet and exercise, you should see results as quick as two months.
Is PureLeef body plumping cream safe to use on my skin?
Yes. Our products are skin tested and is formulated with natural ingredients. Our products do contain nut ingredients.
Is the cream manufactured from a FDA approved facility?
Our cream is manufactured from a state of the art FDA registered and cGMP compliant manufacturing facility.
Is PureLeef body plumping cream available for wholesale?
Yes. Please email for details.
How long will one jar of PureLeef body plumping cream last me?
Using the recommended amount twice daily, we estimate 45 days to complete a 4oz jar.
Does PureLeef Body Cream have a smell / fragrance?
There is no fragrance or smell however you can expect a cool, tingly feeling upon initial application.
Do results fade or return to back normal once you stop using PureLeef?
The product is no different from gaining weight naturally, there is no implant in this area so therefore is not permanent.